Car Training

Car training at the Gut Brandlhof: reinforce what you know, take new knowledge home with you

Whether for incentive travel, as a counterbalance for conference guests, or simply to assess your driving safety. Car training at Gut Brandlhof is always a rewarding experience. The ÖAMTC Center offers three different options to choose from.

Active training

Duration: 1 day
Safety: guaranteed

Everyone can benefit from our active training. Our primary goals is recognizing and avoiding dangerous situations. Our team of experienced trainers will ensure that you slowly approach your limits and develop a confident, masterful driving style even in critical situations.

Price: € 198.00 per person


Dynamic training

(Prerequisite: Active Training)
Duration: 1 day
Fun: unlimited

You have reached level 2 and "dynamic training". As an advanced driver, you will train at a higher range of speed and combine various procedures. The practical application of all training content is quicker and requires optimal mastery of basic techniques.

Price: € 198.00 per person



Drift training

Duration: 1 or 2 days
Slip slidin’ away.

Moving forwards, sideways! This is drifting like the pros. On our sophisticated handling course with different tightnesses of turns, you can make this dream come true.

Price: from € 253.00 per person




10% discount for ÖAMTC advantage card holder

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