Cheerful: Your hosts

With love and passion to one of the most unique hotels in Europe

In 1989 the Austrian Automobile, Motorcycle and Touring Club (ÖAMTC) opened a new driving technique centre in a former gravel pit next to the grounds of the Hotel Gut Brandlhof. A young man from Lower Austria called Alexander Strobl was appointed a director. Already at the first business meeting with the hotel owner Birgit Maier, sparks went flying: The two of them became a couple, got married and expanded the driving centre as well as the hotel. The two of them share many passions, for dogs, and for the mountains, golfing and road racing, and automobiles – and you can feel all these passions everywhere in the hotel.

The passion for vehicles of all kinds, and the local as well as emotional proximity of the driving centre and the hotel, characterised our business area in many ways – no wonder that the Hotel Gut Brandlhof is Austrian’s top location for events of the automotive industry.

Since 2016, hotel director Thomas Baliamis supports the owner couple in leading the hotel. Being born in Greece, Thomas Baliamis is by nature hospitable and convivial. After several stations in the management of large hotels in Zurich, Stuttgart, Vienna and Salzburg, he arrived at the Brandlhof. Apart from tourism, and his family, he indulges yet another passion: soccer. As a qualified sports instructor and sports manager, he is the first point of contact for soccer teams who train at the hotel.

Birgit Maier, Alexander Strobl and Thomas Baliamis are supported by our team of 130 specialists for perfect events and beautiful holidays. Within our team, we treat one another as we treat our guests: Friendliness and warm hospitality are lived-by tradition at the Brandlhof. For our guests, as well as our staff: More than half of our employees live on the grounds of the Brandlhof.

Not at home, but homelike: Our philosophy

Different from large hotel chains and stylish boutique hotels, our main asset is cordial hospitality – as one of our returning customers expressed it: “It’s like coming home, just that everything is so much bigger.” Our aim is to evoke this exact feeling also in you!

We live what we offer: Our motivation

  • unique quality with a Europe-wide exclusive offer for business and leisure
  • acknowledge our staff and create safe and attractive jobs with opportunity for advancement at an extraordinary location
  • Sport and teambuilding offers for a pleasent climate in our hotel – and your company
  • Self-sustainable operation of our premises with mountain spring water, biomass heating plant and purchasing local products

Eventful: Our history

Ever since it was mentioned for the first time in 1372, the story of the Brandlhof has been an eventful one. All in all 33 different owners cultivated the grange until, by the end of the 1970s, the Maier family moved in – and turned it, within a few decades, into a touristic gem beyond comparison.

From studs to putts

In 1979, Anton Maier, father of today’s owner Birgit Maier, purchased the Brandlhof as a stud farm with 40 Haflinger horses, 200 hens and own hunting grounds on 480 hectares. Not even half a century ago, horses were sleeping where today you can find our parlours and rooms

Anton Maier established a bed and breakfast, which, within 3 years, grew into a sports hotel with 80 rooms, a spa area, sauna and tennis courts. Only one year later, the 18-hole golf course opened. Within the next decade, the hotel expanded in quick successive construction phases – a process that continues up to today.

From hotel to miracle

In 1989, the driving technique centre opened next to the hotel. Birgit Maier, who had taken over the hotel in 1983, and Alexander Stroble expanded both the hotel and the driving centre continuously: With today’s Vivid Spa, the extension of the conference area to 3,500 m², new wings for further rooms, the autohaus, the EventO, our lodges and last, but definitely not least: our soccer fields.

Nothing’s more constant than change: Our future

We cannot tell what the future will bring for the Brandlhof, but two things are for sure. We have got plenty of space – and plenty of room.

Stay thrilled!