Exceptional: Golfing with your dog

Dog-friendly golf hotel in the Salzburg region

Golf spielen mit Hund

You love playing golf and spending time with your dog? We warmly welcome dogs at the Hotel Gut Brandlhof as well as on our 18-holes hotel-owned Golf Course. Enjoy an exciting round of golf on our Premium Championship Course, accompanied by your dog.

Play a round of golf with your dog

Enjoy exciting golf holidays surrounded by beautiful panoramic views and bring your best friend on four legs, to spend some time with you on the golf course.

‘Dog golf license’

Our 12 articles

§1 Registration

Please mention that you are bringing your dog when booking a tee-time.

§2 Discipline

Train your dog beforehand to practice discipline and calm behaviour over several hours.

§3 Condition

Is your dog fit enough to spend several hours on a golf court? He might need some practice.

§4 Sun and shade

Consider current weather condition and the lack of shady spots along the course: A dog golf-kart might be a good idea.

§5 Bring a dog waste bag

Please take some dog waste bags and get rid of your dog’s traces immediately.

§6 Leash your dog

Leash your dog safely to your golf bag and make sure he cannot run of.   

§7 Keep calm

Make sure your dog is not trying to catch your or other golfers attention too much.

§8 Safety first

Make sure that your golf bag and dog are within safe distance to golf clubs and balls.

§9 Take a break

Take little brakes and let you dog go on small excursions (leashed only).

§10 Refreshments

We offer drinking and bathing stations for dogs between holes 2 and 3. Please take some extra water for the rest of the course.

§11 Have a bath

Dogs can enjoy a bath at river banks of the Saalach – please check the water level and make sure there are no strong water flows.

§12 Good boy!

Your dog deserves some special treats after being attentive and calm for such a long period.

E-golf-car for dogs

We offer an especially modified e-golf-car for dogs at the Golf Club Gut Brandlhof to make the experience for your dog as comfortable as possible.

Accompanying you on a round of golf can be a big adventure for your dog. It is also quite tiring to spend such a long time on a golf court.

Perfect for young and small dogs

High temperatures are a big challenge, especially for puppies, young as well as very old dogs. Rent our modified e-golf-car to provide your dog with a comfortable ride during our 18-holes golf course.

Features of our golf cart for dogs

Apart from all standard features in our e-golf-cars, our modified version for dogs includes as well:

  • rollable blinds protecting from sun and rain
  • water bowl
  • food bowl
  • water-absorbing dog matt
  • lounge cushions
  • dog snacks
  • dog toys
  • refrigerator for keeping water chilled

Enjoy a relaxing round or golf, knowing that your dog is well looked after.  

E-golf-cart for dogs

€ 35,- per round

Golf holidays with your dog in Salzburg

Are you planning on booking your golf holidays with your dog at the Hotel Gut Brandlhof? Contact our Golf Club Gut Brandlhof and make an appointment for a tee-time. Our 18-holes golf-friendly golf course is the only one in the whole of Austria, where you can golf accompanied by your dog.