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For active driving

ÖAMTC Driving Technique and Experience Center

Driving Experience in the Austrian Alps

At the ÖAMTC Driving Technique & Experience Centre Saalfelden/Brandlhof

With 50,000 m², the new Experience Center Saalfelden complements the Saalfelden Driving Technique Centre with a unique infrastructure offering ideal conditions for vehicle presentations, tyre tests and incentives. The new area, which conveys racetrack flair, can also be hired exclusively by all motorsport enthusiasts – perfect for club outings that also include wellness, golf and culinary delights at the Hotel Gut Brandlhof next door. The Experience Centre also offers ideal opportunities for team events. The variety of routes and the exclusive surroundings are perfect for creating shared experiences.

The 1.23 km long handling track is also ideally equipped for high-speed driving with curbs and various inclines. Two driving technique tracks with sliding surfaces, a 2,500 m² presentation area and state-of-the-art irrigation systems, crossover elements and downhill sections with gradients of up to 11 per cent round off the unique terrain.


A unique range of possibilities in one place

Driving Technique

Driving safety and fun at the ÖAMTC Driving Technique Centre Saalfelden/Brandlhof

Test your driving technique and the handling of your vehicle on the handling course at the ÖAMTC Driving Technique Centre Saalfelden/Brandlhof in Salzburger Land. In summer on grippy tarmac, in winter on snow and ice!

Fun and safety on various tracks and courses: on the skid plate, in the drift course, in the aquaplaning pool or on the two natural ice tracks in winter, you will learn what is important in each situation. Courses are offered for cars, motorbikes, buses and lorries. The handling course covers a total area of 7 hectares – including a 1.8 km circuit with a grippy tarmac surface and challenging combinations of bends.


Pure adrenaline – on tarmac and ice

Offer your guests, employees or friends an experience of a special kind – on our varied go-kart track, or in winter with spikes in the ice arena!

Our ultra-modern go-karts and personalised support from our staff guarantee fun as well as safety. Protective clothing and helmets including bonnets as well as timekeeping and background music are provided.

Winter training in the ice arena

Driving fun on snow and ice

From January to February, we offer snow and ice training sessions on an area of 17 hectares. Here, new vehicles can be tested and presented in a spectacular way.

Unique: The ÖAMTC Driving Technique Centre Saalfelden/Brandlhof is the only one in Austria where you can also complete winter training.

ÖAMTC off-road adventure park

Off the beaten track: off-road training in Salzburger Land

Leave safe tarmac tracks and familiar paths behind and let off steam: in the off-road park at the ÖAMTC Driving Technique Centre Saalfelden/Brandlhof, right next to the Hotel Gut Brandlhof.

4 hectares of gravel surfaces with an adventurous river crossing and the challenging forest course will make all-wheel drive fans’ hearts beat faster. The highlight of the off-road park is the concrete descent with a gradient of 70%, which is unique in Europe!

Book an off-road training course for your seminar guests as a supporting programme for your company event. Test your off-road driving skills, practise your reactions in difficult situations or simply have fun on adventurous rides on varied terrain.

B2B driving training and events

Test, present, celebrate: showcase your vehicles.

Present your vehicles in an unforgettable way: Nowhere else can you test your vehicles as extensively, present them as impressively and celebrate as at the Brandlhof.

The Hotel Gut Brandlhof combines stylish locations perfectly equipped for car events with close proximity to the various test tracks of the ÖAMTC Driving Technique Centre Saalfelden/Brandlhof. You can skilfully present vehicles in the autohaus and test them extensively on the race tracks on asphalt, gravel, snow and ice. Your guests are guaranteed not to forget your car-themed event in a hurry!

Snowmobile tours in Saalfelden

Winter power: snowmobiling in Salzburger Land

Explore the surrounding area and test your snowmobile driving skills on challenging speed, trial and mountain passages in Saalfelden in Salzburger Land. You will be accompanied by a professional Snowmobile guide to ensure that no-one goes astray on your ride through the winter wonderland. Before setting off on the snowmobile (Yamaha Phazer snowmobile (80 hp)), you will receive a detailed technical briefing, safety clothing and general safety instructions.

Prerequisites for the tour are a minimum age of 18 years, possession of a valid car or motorbike driving licence, good to very good physical and coordination skills. Bookable from 5 snowmobiles.

50.000 m² Onroad Offering-Spectrum

• 1,23 km handling tracks with curbs
• Straight slippery surface with obstacles
• Slippery surface in front of curves
• Tracks similar to country roads
• Different handling tracks with curbs and a length of up to 1230 meters
• Slippery surface for turns and drifting
• Huge dynamic area
• Floor markings
• To most modern aqua systems
• Inclines and declines up to 11%
• Sealevel: 695 m
• 2 technical driving tracks with slippery surfaces
• 1 presentation area with over 2.500 m²

Information & Booking

+43 6582 752 60 32300

Center Manager
Manfred Pfeiffenberger

The Hotel Gut Brandlhof is next door to the ÖAMTC Road Safety Center and offers exclusive accommodations as well as suitable venues for evening events or conferences. Contact us for your individual offer.