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Man's best friend on the Brandlhof Golf Course

Tips and rules for golfing with your four-legged friend

Dogs on the golf course in Saalfelden
Four-legged friends are very welcome here

So you love your dog? And you love golf? You can combine these two passions on the 18-hole golf course at the Hotel Gut Brandlhof – Dogs are very welcome at our hotel and on our golf course.

So that golfing with your dog is a complete success for all those involved, we would like to give you some tips and tell you about our rules:

Is my dog suitable to accompany me on a round of golf? – Considerations before you get started

  • Think about the following: Is your dog actually up to the exertion of a good four-hour walk around the course?
  • Think about the sun and shade available on the golf course and consider your dog's capabilities and his enjoyment during your round of golf.

Register your dog

When you're making your tee off reservation, tell the golf office that you will be bringing your four-legged friend with you – You should also inform your fellow golfers in advance!

Bring the right equipment with you

Sharing a round of golf should not necessarily replace "going walkies" but before man and his dog are knocked out due to the double exertion ...

If your dog should foul on the golf course (and this is to be expected), remove all signs immediately. You must bring poop scoop bags with you! Do not confirm the common prejudice against dogs with your carelessness and think about the fact that the greatest concern of a golfer is where they must take their next shot...

Keep your dog on its lead attached to your golf bag!

This is the stipulation for being allowed to bring your dog to the course and will also safeguard your four-legged friend. Please make sure the lead is attached to the bag so that it cannot unintentionally come loose. Make sure that your dog cannot knock over your golf bag. Ideally, you will have practised your dog's behaviour around the golf bag in your garden or in a dog training area.

Golfing with your dog at the Brandlhof
Play a round of golf with your four-legged friend

Make sure that your dog waits quietly and patiently!

Unexpected noise leads to bad shots and poor flight. Make sure your dog is not the cause.

Ensure your dog's safety

Make sure that your dog does not stray into the swing plane or ball trajectory! Place your golf bag and dog far enough away from your ball that your dog cannot be injured by the club or the ball.

Consider the needs of your dog

Use the opportunities on the course to allow your dog to bathe or drink! Our course offers the opportunity for refreshment on hole 2 and 3 and there is also a lovely fresh spring on hole 5 behind the white tee marker. Please ensure you bring enough water with you for the other holes. Beware that the River Saalach is not suitable for bathing in higher water due to the strong current.

If your dog picks up the scent of its fellow canines, at least go with him to track this now and then – Your dog should have a bit of fun and enjoyment.

Think of a reward for your dog!

A round of golf is hard work for your dog. There's hardly any opportunity to play and no chance to sleep. He has to be attentive during the entire duration and follow your commands – even at a distance. He will have earned a treat for that.

Consideration and understanding

If dog owners follow the rules and have a little consideration and understanding, nothing will stand in the way of your dog enjoying himself on the Brandlhof Golf Course. Contact us by phone: +43 6582 7 48 75 or email: and book your tee off time at the Brandlhof Golf Club.

Golf holiday in the state of Salzburg

Or if you want to take a golf holiday in the state of Salzburg with your dog, find out about our all-inclusive offers or send us a no-obligation inquiry. We look forward to your visit!

TOP Package

In the heart of the Alps, and yet completely flat. The 18 holes of our course will impress any golfer with its five drives over the River Saalach! 

200 m from the hotel to the 1st tee


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