airstream | meeting & chill

Our event location on wheels.

The airstream is a unique and innovative meeting location, guaranteed to make every meeting memorable. Bring even more creativity to your meetings with this extraordinary environment.

The airstream is fully equipped with two seating areas, a bar, a large screen, internet access and a sound system, so that you are perfectly equipped for your meetings and can fully concentrate on the essentials.

A meeting in the airstream is an incomparable and unforgettable experience for the participants. The cosy and intimate atmosphere of the airstream can foster a sense of community and facilitate open and honest communication. Additionally, the vintage charm of the airstream can add a dash of nostalgia and creativity to the event. To end a productive day in the airstream, an exclusive wine tasting can be enjoyed with the team. On the agenda are 10 different top wines from Austria, presented by our certified sommelier Johann Koller.

One advantage of using the airstream as a meeting location is the ability to host events in different locations. This flexibility allows you to choose a setting that best suits the theme and objectives of your event. Whether you want to hold your meeting away from it all in the picturesque countryside or right at your hotel, the airstream can be easily transported to the desired location.

Personal contact

If you would like further information about the airstream or individual consulting for planning your event, you can call +43 6582 / 7800 – 0 or email us, or use the business request form. We will gladly draft an individual offer for your event, including the social programme.

Key Facts:

  • digital flipchart
  • lounge in the front
  • 8,5m interior length, 2,2m -width & ca. 2m -height
  • cosy U-shaped seating area in the rear
  • Bar with fridge and wine cooler
  • air conditioner
  • sound system
  • toilet (only full price reservation)

Possible uses for your event.


Modern seminar room or group space combined with optional conference packages.

Wine tasting

Exclusive wine tasting in the Airstream: The program includes 10 different top wines from Austria, presented by our certified sommelier Stefan Gregsamer. When you book a wine tasting, the Airstream rental fee is reduced by 50%.

Private Bar

Reserve the Airstream from 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM as a private and exclusive location for your own bar finale. The Airstream’s refrigerator will be stocked with drinks, and billing will be based on consumption. Enjoy a self-service experience in the Airstream with a coffee machine and chilled drinks with your friends, colleagues, and business partners.

Chill Area

Cool meeting and chill area at the ÖAMTC site with drinks based on consumption.