The history of this house can be traced back to 1372. The name comes from more recent times. At first, the Brandlhof owed fielty to St. Peter's abbey, and from the 16th century, it enjoyed hereditary rights. Around 1520, the farm was divided into the upper and lower Brandlhof. Both farms were run by the Präntl family from 1533 on.

History of the Brandlhof

From 1372 to 1965, the farm had 33 different owners. In 1979, Anton Maier, businessman from Wels in Upper Austria and father of Birgit Maier, acquired the Haflinger stud farm "Gut Brandlhof" with 480 ha of forest and meadows, 40 Haflinger horses, 200 hens, and private hunting grounds. The ground floor of the farm was still partly used as stables for the Haflinger horses, and in the manor house, a few rooms on the first floor as well as the main living area were being used by the then owners.

As tourism steadily grew, a bed and breakfast arose from the Brandlhof, and this was subsequently converted into a sports hotel. This was opened in 1982 with around 80 rooms, an indoor pool, sauna, indoor tennis court, and riding arena. In 1983, an 18-hole golf course was built, and numerous stages of construction in rapid succession constantly enlarged the Brandlhof and made it a unique gem in the hotel and restaurant industry. Today, the Brandlhof is run by owners Birgit Maier and Alexander.

  • 1982  Opening as a sports hotel with 80 rooms
  • 1985  Expansion to 150 rooms
  • 1989  Construction of the ÖAMTC driving technique center
  • 1993  Construction of the hotel lobby and the spa area
  • 2000  Expansion of the conference area to 3,000 m²
  • 2007  Expansion of Brandlhof "West", 185 rooms
  • 2012  Today's version with 200 rooms

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