Your dog on the golf course

Tips and Rules

... to make a round with your dog a complete success. After all, if your dog is happy, you and your flight partners will also be able to enjoy a harmonious and successful round of golf.

  • is your dog up to the effort of spending the better part of 4 hours out on the course?

  • Take into account the sun and shade conditions on the course, and correctly assess the abilities as well as the amount of fun your dog is likely to have during a full round of golf.
  • When you set up your tee time, let the office know that you plan on bringing along your four-legged pal - your fellow players need to be aware of this in advance!



  • A round of golf together shouldn't be intended as a replacement for "going walkies", nonetheless, we certainly don't want dog or master to "suffer" while they are out on the course either, so ...  



If it should happen that your dog leaves a little "gift" on the golf course (which we assume will probably happen), please remove all traces immediately. Always come armed with dog-waste bags! Please don't confirm other people's prejudices through a moment of inattentiveness, and bear in mind that one of a golfer's biggest concerns is the kind of lie he has to play his next shot from .... 

Please always keep your dog on a leash attached to the golf bag!
This is a condition for permission to take your dog out on the course, plus it also keeps your furry friend safe. Attach the leash securely to the bag so there is no way he can inadvertently get loose. Make sure your dog can't tip the golf bag over. We strongly suggest getting your dog used to being hooked up to the bag in your own garden at home. 

Insure that your dog waits quietly and patiently!
Unexpected noises result in bad shots and create a bad mood within your flight. Make sure that your dog isn't the cause.

Make sure that your dog doesn't get into the line of your swing or the path of the ball! Leave your golf bag far enough away that your dog doesn't get hurt by your club or the ball. 

Take advantage of opportunities on the course for your dog to take a dip and have a drink! On holes 2 and 3 of our course, there are opportunities for your dog to take a drink, plus there's a wonderfully refreshing natural spring on the 5th behind the white tee! As far as the other holes are concerned, please make sure you bring along plenty of water. Important: If the Saalach is running deep, the current is too strong to allow your dog to swim in the water.

If your dog picks up the scent of one of his four-legged friends, indulge him every now and then, and walk with him - after all, we want your friend to have a bit of fun, too, right?

Think of rewards for your dog!
A round of golf is hard work for your dog. He barely gets to play or sleep. He has to be on alert throughout the round and follow your commands, even from a distance. For all of that, he has definitely earned some treats as a reward.


Download our rules for dogs on the course


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Golf mit Hund Brandlhof

Golf mit Hund Brandlhof

Golf mit Hund Brandlhof

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